Jubilee Music Studio
by Jodi A. Hiser
Celebrating the joy of music for the glory of the Lord
Psalm 33:1-3
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Welcome to Jubilee Music Studio!
This studio offers group classes and also private music lessons for the harp and piano student;
producing well-rounded musicians that play skillfully and joyfully.
 Jubilee Music Studio serves students from age 3 to 103 in the area of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
We would love for you to be a part of our musical family. Come and share in the jubilee!
  1. Musicianship for all ages
    Musicianship for all ages
    Music appreciation and performance for ages 3-103
  2. Harp Lessons
    Harp Lessons
    Harp lessons for the beginner to the advanced
  3. Piano Lessons
    Piano Lessons
    Private Piano lessons from beginner to advanced
Send us an Email:
Or call: 214.404.5012